I used React JSX to avoid creating a new Card for each country.

All I did was looped through each country’s data and returned the output as an Accordion inside a Card tag.

Check out the final page here.

A collapsible tabbed list of countries and their details

The Code — that calls the Javascript function

Linux is a multi-user operating system. Every piece of data in Linux is a file. Linux File System assigns roles and permissions on each file/directory.

The file owner/root can change these permissions using the chmod command.

Usage: chmod [OPTIONS] MODE FILE //The mode can be numeric or symbolic.

The user roles are:

  • Owner: User who owns the file.
  • Group: The Group (and the users in this group) who have the same access permissions on the file.
  • Other: All other users who are neither owners nor belong to the group.

The permissions are:

  • Read (r): Assigned users can just open and…

Git is the most widely used Version Control System(VCS) that maintains your source content while you focus on just writing your code!!!

We tend to constantly change and save our work. Not just that we also like to go back in time and check out previous source codes, documents, pdfs, pictures, and videos, etc.

So this implies, that we want to keep a history of how our data evolved over a period of time, get a last known good copy of it. Moreover, be able to work on the same piece of data together with other contributors concurrently.

This is…

robots.txt is a special instruction file that restricts the web bots or search engine crawlers and decides which page may or may not be requested from your site.

A robots.txt file lives at the root of your site states the official documentation page.

However, in Docusaurus, you must place the file in the “static” folder and not in the root of your project folder. Doing so your `robots.txt` file will be included in the /build directory and uploaded to the website.

Developing and maintaining technical documentation as code (Docs As Code) only gets better with Docusaurus.69 version.

This quick guide is for you if you want to enable Lunr search on your website for a better user experience, but unable to proceed because of the swizzle error.

Well !!! npm install before the swizzle command is the way to go. It is now officially accepted on the website > here :)

If the search yields no result, stop trying with yarn and build with npm run build and start the server with npx http-server ./build or npx http-server build.

Your local…

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